Jr. Musical 


Auditions December 12th and 13th
Show February 17th and 18th


Open to ages 5th-8th graders 

Rehearsal/costume fee: $85 per student 

The Audition & Callbacks

Welcome! We are so excited that you are interested in auditioning for the Holmes Center for the Arts  2023 production of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang Jr.! Auditions will be held on December 12th and 13th, and callbacks on the 19th. Parts will be announced on December 20th. To sign up for an audition, please fill out the form linked above. Please email us at (info@holmescenterforthearts.org) with any questions.

For the audition, you will need to prepare a song that allows you to demonstrate your singing skills (range, expression, etc.). Come to the audition with an accompaniment track to sing with on a phone or other device. At your audition, we will check your vocal range, listen to your song, and give you a chance to read through lines for some characters. Auditions will be at the Holmes Center for the Arts (5200 State Route 39, Berlin, OH).

Callbacks will be on December 16th. Students needing to attend callbacks will be emailed by the directors. If the callback time doesn’t work for you, you can indicate that when filling out the audition form.

If you aren’t familiar with Chitty Chitty Bang Bang Jr., we encourage you to learn a little about the musical before your audition. Watch video clips on YouTube, listen to the songs from the show, and/or read the synopsis and character information available in the following pages.

The Schedule & Requirements

Our first rehearsal will be at the Holmes Center for the Arts on January 2nd from 5:30 pm to 7:30pm with the full cast. After that initial rehearsal, regular rehearsals will occur at the following times:


Mondays 5:30pm to 7:30pm

Wednesdays 4:30pm to 6:30pm

Fridays 5:30pm to 7:30pm


The audition form has space for you to list any potential conflicts with this rehearsal schedule, so the directors can plan accordingly, just be sure to list your conflicts (sports, lessons, trips, appointments, etc.) there. However, cast members must be able to attend all tech week rehearsals and shows, listed below:


Tech Week → TBA

Performances → TBA

Feel free to contact us by email (info@holmescenterforthearts.org) or to call the Holmes Center for the Arts (330-473-2879) with any questions. We look forward to seeing you at your audition!


Outside the Coggins garage, Jeremy and Jemima Potts engage in a thrilling pretend race atop Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, a weathered old race car. A Junkman offers to buy Chitty from Mr. Coggins, but Jeremy and Jemima are dismayed when the Junkman explains how he plans to melt Chitty into scrap metal. Caractacus Potts, their father, is considering purchasing the car himself when Truly Scrumptious roars onstage on a motorbike, out of control due to a stuck throttle. Potts fixes her motorcycle, but Truly criticizes him for not putting Jeremy and Jemima in school and insults his candy-making skills. Potts is frustrated, but Jemima and Jeremy reassure him.

    The Potts family returns home to Grandpa. After bidding them all goodnight and reflecting on his family, Grandpa absentmindedly blows into one of the holes on Potts’s “imperfect” candy, making a musical sound. Realizing the candy’s potential, Potts and the children go to Lord Scrumptious’s Sweet Factory, where they realize Truly is Lord Scrumptious’s daughter. With Truly’s help, Potts pitches the musical candy to Lord Scrumptious.

    Meanwhile, in their castle in Vulgaria, the Baron and Baroness discuss the Baron’s upcoming birthday. For his gift he requests the car that beat the Vulgarians three times in the Grand Prix – Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. They call spies Boris and Goran and demand they retrieve the car.

    At the Potts home, Jeremy and Jemima try to think of ways to raise money for Chitty, but Potts sings them to sleep. Soon after, Potts attends the lively Fun Fair, where a man agrees to purchase his haircutting machine for thirty shillings – the exact amount he needs to purchase Chitty. Potts rushes off in excitement.

    Potts restores the car, brings it home, and takes the kids for a ride. Truly joins them along the way, but their picnic takes a turn for the worse when Boris and Goran reveal they have abducted Grandpa (they’ve mistaken him for Potts). Chitty springs into action.

    In Vulgaria, Vulgarians gather in the town square as the Baron and Baroness announce the arrival of Grandpa, who they think is Potts. After revealing that children are banned from Vulgaria, the Baron and Baroness hear that Chitty has been seen flying in the city. They demand that Grandpa make their car fly or face certain death. Meanwhile, Potts, Truly, Jeremy, and Jemima meet the Toymaker. He and Potts set off to investigate a secret way into the castle, but while they are gone, the Child Catcher steals Jeremy and Jemima away from Truly. The Toymaker leads Potts to a place where several children have been hiding from the Child Catcher. Truly catches up to them and tells Potts his children have been taken, and the Hidden Children offer to help get them back. At the castle, the Baron and Baroness indulge in the Brazilian theme of the Baron’s birthday party. The Toymaker arrives with a gift – Truly and Potts, disguised as dolls. They sing to the crowd before unleashing the Hidden Children. Just when the Child Catcher is about to defeat the Hidden Children, Chitty bursts into the room with Grandpa, Jemima, and Jeremy riding along. The car gives the Hidden Children the courage to defeat the Child Catcher, and the Toymaker banishes the Baron and Baroness, repealing Vulgaria’s Suppression of Children Act. Chitty has saved the day!


Jeremy and Jemima Potts are energetic children who are always up for an adventure. They are friends and do everything together, and their greatest wish is to save Chitty Chitty Bang Bang from the junkyard.


Chitty is the famous race car that beats the Vulgarians multiple times in the Grand Prix. Multiple actors will work together to bring this car to life.


Caractacus Potts is Jeremy and Jemima’s father. He is an eccentric inventor who cares deeply about his children. The role was played by Dick Van Dyke in the film version, and he’s a great example: charming and charismatic with great comedic timing.


Mr. Coggins, the humorous and kind owner of Coggins Garage, ultimately sells Chitty to Potts and the children.


The Junkman is mean and a bit scary and wants to destroy Chitty for scrap metal.


Truly Scrumptious is the smart, confident, adventurous daughter of Lord Scrumptious who quickly earns the Potts family’s trust.


Grandpa loves Jeremy, Jemima, and Potts with all his heart. Though his experience in the military drives many of his interactions, underneath all his bluster, the most important thing to Grandpa is his family.


Miss Phillips is the no-nonsense assistant to Lord Scrumptious.


Lord Scrumptious is the all-powerful owner of the candy factory.


The Baron and Baroness are larger-than-life villains who, while comically inept, still pose a real threat to the Potts family.


Boris and Goran are the worst spies ever. They work for the Baron and Baroness and try to retrieve Chitty for the Baron’s birthday present.


The Toymaker has been secretly working to save children right under the Baron and Baroness’s noses. The Toymaker is compassionate, clever, and never gives up trying to help people.


The Child Catcher is a villain with none of the Baron and Baroness’s humor. They are a character who isn’t afraid to be terrifying.


Toby, Marta, and Greta are Hidden Children who help Potts plan Jeremy and Jemima’s rescue.