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A New Center for the arts in Holmes County

Holmes Center for the Arts has been blessed with huge support both locally and through state funding to build a new center for the arts building designed to enrich Holmes County through the arts.  Due to the pandemic and rise in material prices, HCA had to split the construction into two phases---the arts and education spaces became phase 1 and the multi-purpose theater space became phase 2. Phase 1 is now complete along with the exterior of the theater. The interior of the theater will not be completed without additional funds. Because of its versatile design as a black box with retractable seating, the theater will be used as a community space for performances, galleries, dinner theaters, rehearsals, the HCA after-school program, conferences, quilting bees, and other events. This last phase of funding will mark the completion of a building that is loved by many---not just because of the structure, but because of the community and memories that are built within. When the theater is finished, HCA can focus solely on its mission and its impact through the arts.


Please consider donating today! 

Theater Seat Sponsors, Donation Amount = $2000

Please send words you would like engraved on a seat to

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