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A form of dance that uses a baton, flag, or other props to do tricks in combination with dance movement.

Classes Begin the week of January 8th.

A Night at the Art Museum April 2022 nw-93.jpg

Baton 1 and 2

Beginner and Intermediate level Baton for ages 5 and up

Tuesdays 5:45 - 6:45 PM

Competition Baton Team

Our new HCA Baton Team will be composed of HCA's top twirlers who will learn routines and compete once per month January through April.  This team will be by teacher invitation only.  Students must commit to the Fall 2023 and Winter/Spring 2024 Semester.  Each student will pay a small fee in addition to tuition for the competitions.  Each competition ranges $20 to $30 per team which can be split amongst the team members. 

Tuesdays 6:45 - 7:45 PM

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