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February 23 - 25
At Hiland High School


Artists and Athletes 2024

Missed the show?  Watch it here!

Winter 2024 Classes

Coming soon: 
The HCA Theater

Sponsor a Theater SeatHelp us finish out a state of the art performance space in the new H
Piano Keys

Our Mission

The mission of the Holmes Center for the Arts is to provide educational and performing opportunities in the arts for individuals of all economic and social backgrounds within a wholesome, family-oriented atmosphere and to enrich our community through those artistic experiences.   


Holmes Center for the Arts Board:


President: Marianne Mader

Vice President: Jay McCulloch

Treasurer: Stephen Kilpatrick

Secretary: Susan Lehman

Natalie Small

Mark Miller

Olivia Mirich

Kim Mullet

Cheryl Shaver

Mark Woods

Executive Director: Holley Johnson

3,951 tickets sold for performances in 2023
591 students served through classes and workshops in 2023
146 unique classes in the arts held in 2023
42 students on scholarship in 2023, providing opportunities regardless of economic background
25 live performances in 2023
42 dance classes held per week in 2023

Programming for Holmes Center for the arts is also funded by:  

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