Film Making Workshop

Dates:  July 21, 22, 28, and 29

Times:  1 - 3 PM

Location:  Outside at the Berlin Mennonite Pavilion.  (We will seek to be socially distanced.)  

Ages:  11 - 18 

Cost:  $60

Class Objective:

            For students to learn how to create a short film using free apps on their own cell phones. Kids will learn how to come up with a film idea, how to storyboard what they’re going to film, different techniques on filming, and how to edit the video into a completed piece. This will all be done through writing exercises, brainstorming sessions, and filming outside of the class.


            After this class, students will be able to use the things they’ve learned to make more films in the future with things that they already have on hand.

Things to bring to class:

  • InShot App (please be sure this is already downloaded and working

  • Camera already on the phone or a device such as an ipad

  • Will need a notebook and pen or pencil

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