The dance program at the Holmes Center for the Arts is committed to providing quality dance education in a nuturing environment.  We focus on correct dance technique, inspiring our students to do their best, and performance expression.  We want each of our students to meet their own goals in dance.  We do not participate in dance competitions.  Instead, we offer our students various performing opportunities where they can learn, grow and express themselves as dancers.
Preschool Classes:
Creative Movement or Tap and Tumble
Ages 3 - 4 by August 26th, 2019. 
No previous training.  These classes, designed for preschoolers, will help them to explore movement and music in a social, energetic, and fun environment.  In Tap and Tumble, they will gain strength and coordination during the 30 minute tumbling section and will work on rhythm in the 30 minute tap portion.  In Creative Movement, children will focus more on basic dance movements and positions of dance through creative movement and music.
Preschool Tumbling will be primarily focused on building the strength, flexibility, and coordination needed for beginning level tumbling.     
Student Division Ballet:
Ballet 1     
Age 5 and 6 by August 26th, 2020. 
Basic ballet technique.


Ballet 2
Ages 7 - 8 by August 26th, 2020.

Basic ballet technique for 7 and 8 year olds.

Ballet 3
Ages 9 and up by August 26th, 2020.  

Intermediate ballet by teacher placement.

Pre-Professional Division Ballet:

Ballet 4A and 4B
By teacher placement.  Intermediate/Advanced level ballet. Two classes/week required.

Ballet 5

By teacher placement.  Advanced level ballet with emphasis on pointe technique. Three classes plus pointe per week required.

Ballet 6  

By teacher placement.  Four classes per week plus pointe required.   


Beginning Contemporary Dance
An introductory class to contemporary dance.  Instructor will focus on different contemporary dance forms every few weeks including modern, lyrical, hip-hop, and jazz.  

Intermediate - Advanced Contemporary Dance
Contemporary dance class for students with previous dance experience.  By teacher placement.  


Beginning Tap
Beginning Tap for children ages 5 to 10.  

Intermediate to Advanced Tap

Intermediate tap for children with previous tap experience.  By teacher placement.  


Beginning Tumbling
For students interested in learning basic tumbling skills.  Ages 5 and up.  No prior tumbling experience necessary.

Intermediate Tumbling

For students who have mastered cartwheels, round offs, and back walkovers.

Advanced Tumbling

For students who have mastered back handsprings.

Beginning Performance Tumbling Class

For beginning students who currently take a tumbling class and would like to perform.  This is an August through April commitment and will include a few performance opportunities.  

Elite Performance Tumbling Company

An invitation-only tumbling performance group who currently take intermediate or advanced level tumbling classes.  This is an August through April commitment and will include several performance opportunities.  



Beginning or Intermediate level jazz classes that focus on correct jazz technique which is often used in musicals and commercial dance.    



Call Holley Johnson at 330-473-2879 or email at if you have any questions concerning dance classes and for tuition rates.