Holmes Center for the Arts Sponsors


We are so thankful for our sponsors who partner with us in furthering the arts in Holmes County!

2020 - 2021 Holmes Center for the Arts Season Sponsors
Gold Sponsor $2001 - $5000

Holmes Family Medicine

Eric and Cheryl Shaver

Stephen Kilpatrick

Silver Sponsor $501 - $2000

Nick and Kim Mullet

Family and Friends Sponsor Up to $500


Eleanor Shaver

Hummel Insurance

Prestige Stone Products

Grassbaugh Excavating

Holmes with a View Bed and Breakfast

Killbuck Savings Bank

East Main Kitchen and Coffee

First Federal Bank

Commercial and Savings Bank

Keim Lumber

Mike and Karen Palmer

Miller's Creamery Millersburg

In honor of Denice Crossan

Mark Woods

Donation in the memory of Jim Shand

White Law Office

Kay Earney

Millersburg Tire

In memory of Mr. Reed (KVHS)

Leonard Jorz

Frances W. Hummel

Mary Jolley

Glenn & Janet Zimmerman

Glenn Yoder

Patricia Collier

Renee Spencer

Carol Martin

Tina Owens

Janice Fry

Roena Bayes

Bob & Carole Burkey

Jim & April Hackers

Lois Fowler

Steve & Peggy Andrews

Ben & Lisa Ogi


Matt & Mindi Campbell

Grants 2020 - 2021

Ohio Arts Council

United Way

Talty Grant

Save & Serve

Holmes Wayne Electric Foundation

Mary Gilmore

Lucille Hastings

William & Barb Lecky

Daniel’s Amish Collection

Sally Smith

Carice Jameson

Arlie Rodhe

Sue McFadden

Kerry and Danelle Taylor

Keim Lumber Company

Eleanor Boyd

Mike & Mindy Young

Dean & Naomi Mullet

Nancy Ramond

Glenn & Janet Zimmerman

Patricia Lang

Delbert & Cindy Baker

Wilma Knapp

Loren Hintz

M. Jane Voltz

John & Sandy Gindlesberg

LW & RM Haynes

Thomas C. Lee

Rea Dot Sprang

Max Miller

Rob B Weaver

Leo & Susan Helal

Terri & Larry Yoder

Mark Allison

Janice Hershberger

Janet McCombs

Holmes Chamber of Commerce

Michael Taylor

Holmes County Tourism Bureau

Glenda Arnold

Jane Bilek

Wilson’s Country Creations

Design Impressions, Sharon Strouse

Marge Riggle

Anita L. Vance

Bob & Becky Porter

Jed & Laurie Baker

R John Hoffman

Julie Hood

Bruce & Pam Martin

Dave & Pat Schrock

Pong Thiemmedh

Bob & Jeanette Kauffman

Max Miller

Jim & April Hacker

Ken & Marlene Klinger

Jim & Shirley Croskey

Sam & Ronda Steimel

Tim & Cathay Wolff

Robert Bell

Guy& Deb Lilley

Bill & Eleanor Runyan

Mike & Gwen Uhl

Tom & Julia Brewer

Diane McCartney

J Eric & Jodi Miller

Keith & Deb Berner

Christopher Sieverdes

Hal & Nancy Tate

Linda Close

Robert & Bonnie Lessing

Terri & Larry Loder

Mike & Tracy McDowell

Kim & Sean Quintrell

Dutchman Hospitality Group

Kelli Grassbaugh

Elaine Egger Hand

Guggisberg Cheese

Encore Hotel