About Us

The mission of the Holmes Center for the Arts is to provide educational and performing opportunities in the arts for indidviduals of all economic and social backgrounds wthin a wholesome, family-oriented atmosphere and to enrich our community through those artistic experiences.  We are a center for the arts---a place where quality educators from every area of art (music, dance, theater, and visual arts) can teach interested students of all ages their skill.  


We believe that artists have the responsibility to bring people together, so in addition to classes in the arts we organize music, dance, and theaterical performances as well as artistic presentations.   


 Right now we are temporarily located at 164 North Washington Street in Millersburg, but are raising funds to build/renovate our own building.  If you are interested in helping us meet this goal, please visit our Donations page.  


Holmes Center for the Arts Board:


Cheryl Shaver:  President

Marilyn Coblentz:  Vice President

Alice Todaro:  Treasurer

Susan Lehman:  Secretary

Susan Lehman

Jay McCullough

Jaime White

Kim Mullet

Tonya Schlabach

Marianne Mader

Mark Woods


Holley Johnson:  Executive Director

Catherine Lynch:  Community Outreach Director