The Girl with the Enamel Eyes

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Coppelia is a classical and comical ballet that originated in 1870.  It is about a young couple, Swanhilda and Franz, who are engaged to be married and are preparing for a wedding.  Franz, however, becomes enamored with a girl named Coppelia who sits all day in the mysterious Dr. Coppelius's window.  When Swanhilda discovers Franz's infatuation, she breaks into Dr. Coppelius's workshop to confront Coppelia but is surprised to find that Coppelia is merely a doll.  Swanhilda proceeds to trick both Franz and Dr. Coppelius into thinking Coppelia is real by pretending to be Coppelia.  Swanhilda ends up saving the life of Franz when Dr. Coppelius tries to perform magic on Franz intended to end Franz's life.  In the end, Franz and Coppelia renew their commitment to one another and Coppelia is returned to Dr. Coppelius as merely a beautiful doll.     

April 18th at 7 PM

April 19th at 2 PM

@ Ohio Star Theater, Sugarcreek

Tickets:  $18 Adults

$14 Children 12 and under and Seniors 60+

You may also purchase tickets by calling 855-344-7547 or at the door.